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Short Term & Immersion Programs

Our Short Term Programs and One-Day Immersion Programs have been designed to get your rotational employees, interns, and assignees up and running before they start in their host office.

Our ultimate goal, as is yours, is to help to avoid the unnecessary "What do I do?" questions to their superiors and colleagues and become a more productive employee in the shortest amount of time.

Just give us a day, and they'll make their own way...

Area Orientation and Neighborhood Introduction
They will be guided through their new community and shown all the locations essential to every day life including Police and Fire Stations, Internet Cafes, Houses of Worship, Banks, Shopping, Grocery and Convenience Stores as well as any special requests to meet their lifestyle.

Banking and Credit Card Assistance
By the time you arrive they arrive we will have helped them open a U.S. bank account. They will be escorted to its local branch and familiarized with banking operations. We will also explain check writing, ATM machines, credit card usage and security safeguards.

Driving and Mass Transit
After furnishing them with maps of the local area, we will show the quickest route to the new office along with alternate routes to help avoid delays. We'll explain speed limits, road signs, toll roads, bridges, tunnels, windshield wiper laws and idiosyncrasies like "right turn on a red light" and "jug-handles" in New Jersey. We will advise about purchasing gas, accident reporting, safety patrols, getting directions and should it be required, provide information on driving schools. We will also show the local train and bus stations and other areas of interest.

United States Post Office
They will be accompanied to the local Post Office in order to become familiarized with form completion, postal rates, stamps, package mailing, expedited mailing services and hours of operation.

From specialty shops to flea markets and major malls with numerous stores "under one roof", we will introduce many shopping areas and provide hours of operation. They will also learn about sales tax, payment options and conveniences such as "express check-out" and "self-check out".

Restaurants and Bars
They will be introduced to diverse dining options and shown local restaurants and bars to their liking. We will also discuss reservation procedures, dress code and tipping policy.

Arts, Sports and Leisure Activities
Whatever the lifestyle preferences - museums, parks, health clubs or sporting events, we'll fill them in on what is available locally, how to obtain tickets and membership options.

Television, Radio and Publications
We'll get them up to speed on local and regional newspapers and magazines and help them find the radio and television stations of interest.

Social Security Administration
While still in their home country, they will be provided with information regarding documentation requirements and the U.S. Social Security application process. When they arrive, we'll escort them to the Social Security Office and give the benefit of our valuable experience in the application and interview process.

Other Services
We can provide medical and dental referrals as well as information on libraries and educational options. Whatever the individual areas of interest, just let us know and we'll do our best to guide them.
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